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Join ScotPayments

You can work with ScotPayments if you are a Scottish public sector organisation who wants to improve how you process and make payments. We like to work collaboratively and iteratively. This means that we'll: 

  • start slowly, moving one thing at a time to ScotPayments, so you can understand our system before everything changes 
  • work with you to make sure ScotPayments is working for you 
  • change things if needed 

Our onboarding process  

We are a new offering from government built around the needs of finance staff and industry standards for excellence in finance. Our onboarding steps are: 

  • introduction - following a feasibility questionnaire you are introduced to your relationship manager  
  • agreement - our shared service agreement tells you what we'll do for you now and in the future 
  • integration - we'll set up regular meetings between you and our teams 
  • users - we'll set up ScotPayments with your user details 
  • testing - we'll do user testing with you to make sure ScotPayments works for your users 
  • training - we'll teach you how to use ScotPayments, and give you written and video instructions 

Work so far with our current partner

With our current beta partner, Independent Living Fund Scotland (ILF Scotland), we have worked together to gradually onboard fund payments, supplier payments and staff salary payments. We have also onboarded users payment enquiry and confirmation of payee access.

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