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Confirmation of Payee

Confirmation of Payee helps you make sure that you’re sending payments to the right person or organisation.  

Confirmation of Payee checks the bank details of the account you want to pay, to make sure that: 

  • the account exists 
  • the account details are correct 
  • the name on the account is correct 

It'll show you if something does not look right. You can then investigate any errors before you make the payment. This can stop you sending a payment to the wrong person or organisation. This can: 

  • help stop fraud 
  • save you time 

Using Confirmation of Payee 

You can use Confirmation of Payee by itself. You do not have to use any other features on ScotPayments to use Confirmation of Payee.  

You can use Confirmation of Payee on ScotPayments for free if you are a public sector organisation that sends payments to UK bank accounts. You can do this while ScotPayments is in our private beta phase. 

Find out more about Confirmation of Payee 

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