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We built ScotPayments on banking and cyber security standards, including Open Banking Standards and ISO20022.

Open Banking Standards 

ScotPayments is built on open banking standards. 

Open banking means that users can: 

  • see all their financial information in the same place 
  • get payments faster 
  • make payments from their bank account, and do not need to enter their financial information lots of times 

This can reduce the risk of fraud and help users manage their finances. 

Application programmable interfaces (APIs) and adapters 

ScotPayments uses application programmable interfaces (APIs). APIs allow two applications to talk to each other. In ScotPayments, we use APIs to allow ScotPayments to communicate with existing processes in organisations. This means that people can get payments quickly and securely. 

Some organisations might use technology that does not work with APIs. This might be because this technology is old. We are building our own adapter which allows older software to connect with our platform. This means that ScotPayments can work with any type of platform. 


ScotPayments uses ISO20022. ISO20022 is a standard for financial information. It means that the data used with ISO20022 is consistent. This allows different financial organisations to work together better. 


If anything ever goes wrong the service’s support system kicks in, with experts on hand to deal with any errors or security breaches.  

What we’re working on 

Continuous improvement is driven by user feedback and key service metrics. We will work with your team to prioritise new features. We are currently developing the following key features, however this list is not exhaustive: 

  • payment file upload - this will allow users to manually load a Bacs payments file directly into ScotPayments via the user interface. 
  • scalability - to ensure our service and handle the growth of payment volumes and values as new organisations join 
  • faster payments - this feature supports time-critical payments and provides the ability to make same day outbound payments. 
  • international payments - ability to make payments to non-UK bank accounts 
  • alternative payments - exploration of payment methods for recipients who don’t have access to a standard bank account either through choice or social exclusion (e.g. voucher payments) 
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